About Me

I’m just a guy in my early 30s who loves AMVs and finds myself having a lot to say about them. This blog is mainly for my scattered thoughts, opinions, and ideas on the various facets of the AMV subculture (a term I use loosely, and will continue to use if only to maintain consistency with this blog’s title, which I really like), and other interests of mine. I will probably meander into the realms of music, video games, anime, and others from time to time, as my mind allows (and in most cases, disallows me from thinking about anything else until my thoughts have been put into words).

Also, since this is an AMV-centric blog, it’s probably worthwhile to post a link to my a-m-v.org account.

If this interests you, please read and comment. I do love hearing from other perspectives, and knowing that people care is always nice.


P.S. I suppose it’s worth mentioning here that I do have a sister photoblog that I plan on keeping updated with my photography (a minor hobby of mine on top of everything else). It will most likely never intersect with subculture diaries, but in case you like photography you can check the blog out here.


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