About the Blog

This is a blog where I write about many different topics, and although they primarily center around anime and AMVs, occasionally I do splinter off into other realms and subject matter. As such, I have a number of categories of blog posts, which I try to keep organized based on the content of post itself. Several of these are “series” which all follow the same format or idea. Below is a breakdown of these various categories and what to expect if you see one come up. I’m constantly thinking of new topics I’d like to write about, so this will be updated if/as those are added.

Blatant Nostalgia posts are those that deal with the way things used to be. Although this will usually relate somehow to AMVs or AMV culture, occasionally I may get dewey-eyed about something else from my childhood or from some other bygone point in my life that I want to talk about. This blog will rarely (if ever) got too IRL-y so the discussion will probably be geeky and/or topical in some way.

Filling In The Gaps is a limited-run series (i.e. it will end, eventually) journaling my progress as I go through and listen to the over 200 CDs in my 1,000+ CD collection that I never actually listened through up to now.

Flying Low entries are those that showcase AMVs which flew under the radar (get it?) at the time they were released and have received very little exposure or love since then. I’m all about sharing AMVs, and I especially love finding great videos that few other people know about, so this is my soapbox for doing just that.

Genome Project Journal entries are those which detail anything worth talking about in my development of the AMV Genome Project. This will likely not have many entries for a while, as all the interesting stuff worth discussing won’t come into focus for a long time, but the category is there for when I need it.

Load State is a series dedicated to reviewing old (15+ year-old) video games to see how they fare in a modern context. Due to the fact that I’m lucky to get more than a few hours a week to play video games (and when I do, I’m not always playing a game that I’ll be reviewing here), this will likely be a sparsely-populated category for a long time.

Meta posts are those that deal with the workings, organization, etc. of this blog. If there are any huge changes or anything I make to the way this blog operates, or if I feel the need to explain why I post in a certain way, it’ll fall under this category.

Retrospect posts are my end-of-the-year posts that look back on the best things from various media that I discovered from that year, typically with a ranking system involved. It’s worth noting here that often, these posts do not include only things that were released that year, but this is specified on a post-by-post basis.

Review entries are self-explanatory; I love reviewing things and much of this blog has, over time, become dedicated to my ramblings about what I think about various things — anime, manga, and video games currently, although down the line music may get the same treatment as well.

In addition to the above serial categories, there are a few others that are broader and encompass multiple types of posts, as well as one-off things I post about that don’t fit neatly into one of my series. These include:

AMV – Covers all posts related to AMVs.
Anime – Covers all posts related to anime specifically (if a post is more AMV-centric, it will not be under this category, even though AMVs might be considered a subset of anime, categorically).
K-pop – Covers all posts related to K-pop.
Manga – Covers all posts related to manga.
.org – Covers all posts related to the website AnimeMusicVideos.org.
Other – Covers any post that doesn’t fit into one of the listed categories here.
Video games – Covers any video game-related posts.