genome project journal #5: amv tracker v1.2.0

I think it’s safe to say at this point that the AMV Genome Project is now so intricately tied to AMV Tracker that the two are, for all intents and purposes, essentially the same project. Which is to say, further development of AMV Tracker will be for the purpose of making the Genome Project communicable to anyone who cares enough to want to investigate it. That was its stated purpose initially, but after releasing AMV Tracker last year I got a little off-track, and you need look no further than the most recent release that I put out a couple weeks ago.

This release includes a whole bunch of what I would consider to be relatively niche features — things that no one asked for but which can increase one’s ability to do micro-organization of one’s database. All features are fully explained in the v1.2.0 update notes, as well as in the newly-added tutorial function accessible from AMV Tracker’s main window. A brief rundown of its two biggest additions:

  • You can now add videos to “sub-databases”, which are databases that exist alongside (but separate from) your main database. The main use is to separate out videos that you might not want to be located in your main database for any reason — maybe you use different rating criteria for different types of videos, for instance, or you’d like to keep an easily-accessible list of videos you want to watch but haven’t yet, etc.
  • You can now create “Custom Lists”, which are curated lists of videos that you can easily access at any time. These can be used to group together frequently searched-for videos (i.e. if you really like horror videos, you can add all horror videos in your database rated higher than a certain threshold, and then instead of doing a Custom Search each time you want to find these, you can just pull up your list). Custom Lists are meant to make AMV Tracker a lot more personal to you, and to make organization of your data even easier.

There are a bunch of other minor additions, QOL updates, and bug fixes as well. It was a big update — I worked on it for the better part of two or three months before releasing it — but it wasn’t what I had intended on doing for my next release. After initially releasing AMV Tracker last year, I had wanted my next major update to the program to be focused instead on statistics and data analytics. While I started down that path (there’s now a “Quick Stats” feature that shows some very basic stats about the videos in your database), I didn’t get very far before veering off-track and adding all this other stuff.

The reason is pretty simple — what I want to do with the statistics feature is very large and intimidating. I anticipate that it will take, probably, at least as much code as exists in all of AMV Tracker currently to create what I have in mind. Frankly, at least right now, I’m finding myself without much time or drive to work on this part of the project, so it may be a long time before anything develops in this direction. I’m hoping that I can get something out within the next six months or so, but even typing those words makes me recoil a little as I know it’s probably not going to happen. Besides having an online course taking up a lot of my free time over the next three months, I’m finding myself drawn to other interests and pursuits that are keeping me from doing much of anything AMV-related recently (to put this in perspective — I can count the number of new AMVs I’ve watched since I posted my year-end list in January on one and a half hands). This last point is hardly new though — I’m always being pulled in different directions because I’m interested in so many things and find it hard to focus on any one thing for an extended period of time.

All this is basically to say that the Genome Project, while not dead, is not actually progressing towards any end I’m currently satisfied with, and probably won’t be for a while. I hope those few of you who may have expressed interest in this at one point or another will continue to believe in me that something will come of this, someday, and to please keep an eye on this blog because any developments that come of it will certainly be posted here.

In the meantime, please do check out AMV Tracker if you haven’t already. And if you’re unfamiliar with it, well, I made a nifty video to kind of introduce it, above.


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