2017 in retrospect: introduction


I know, I know, I’m late in getting this going, but I haven’t forgotten — in fact the reason I’m late in starting my yearly look back on the last 12 months is because I’ve been working really hard to make this retrospective the best one I’ve done yet. This is one of the most exciting and anticipated times of the year — I love posting these yearly reviews — and 2017 had a whole lot I want to look back on and really give proper attention, so I hope you’ll forgive the delay in posting. Hopefully the few extra days you had to wait will be worth the quality and quantity of things I have to talk about.

For myself, 2017 got off to one of the absolute roughest starts I could have imagined. Less than two weeks in, I got a text message letting me know that a girl a couple years younger than me from my church — someone I had grown up with and would count as one of my closest friends — had passed away totally unexpectedly while she was out of town at a relative’s funeral. This was the defining event for the first half of the year for myself and many others close to me, and it still hurts, all the more now that the anniversary of her death is approaching. Having never experienced the death of a friend so close to me in age, it took a toll on me. 2017 sucked from the beginning.

Without wanting to sound callous, though, the year did improve as time went on. In April, I released AMV Tracker, a pet coding project I had been working on for months straight. This was a big deal for me not only because of the sense of accomplishment I got from being able to actually make a working program by building up a rudimentary knowledge of Python into something functional, but because AMV Tracker has become a tool that I use on an almost-daily basis. It was proof to me that it wasn’t just an idea to practice my programming skills, but something practical.

Prior to that, in March my wife and I took a trip to California to celebrate our one-year anniversary, in August we got to go to Colorado to hang out with a bunch of editors at NDK (during which time I got to meet some new friends), and in November my little sister got married to her longtime boyfriend. I also released three videos of which I have to say I’m pretty darn proud. All the while, throughout the year, our cat kept peeing in random places on our carpet. So, a mixed bag, but I’d say it was a good year all around.

Now that the IRL stuff is out of the way, let’s get down to business. For those of you who haven’t experienced my year-end posts before, over the following eight days I’ll be sharing some of my favorite things from 2017. In the past this has encompassed anime, manga, music, and AMVs, however this year I watched only a literal handful of anime throughout the year, and read no full manga series. This was due to a number of factors that I won’t get into here (not because they’re overly personal, but because they’re boring) — all that’s important is that there wasn’t enough material there to justify devoting an entire post to either, so I’m going to break from tradition and skip those this time around.

Instead, I’ll be zeroing in on music and AMVs. It’s going to be a fun time, and there’ll be a whole lot of really great stuff to explore, much of which you may have never heard/seen before. I hope you’ll join me every day as I go through and recap the Best of 2017 — and in order to make it easy for you, I’ll have these posts scheduled to post at 6:00 PM Central Time every day until we’re done. I welcome any and all comments, feedback, reactions, whatever! I really hope you enjoy reading through this even a tiny bit as much as I enjoyed putting it together, so…let’s go!



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Early 30s and vocal about my subculture.
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