flying low #8: romance

In 24 hours’ time, I will be saying “I do” to my best friend, the woman I’ve been dating for the last 3+ years. I’m so unbelievably excited for this moment that I almost can’t contain myself; it’s been a long road and there have been some truly difficult things that each of us have had to go through on our own and together to get to this point, but I can’t imagine being anywhere else, with anyone else. Love is the best thing.

To celebrate the occasion, I thought I’d post a Flying Low entry (something I realize now that I haven’t done in like eight months) showing off some really great unknown romance videos. I love romance videos, and there are so many great ones out there — I’m discovering more on a regular basis, and you may have noticed that my Best of 2015 list was pretty top-heavy with some good ones. There’s more where that came from though, so here are a few excellent romance videos that you (maybe?) never saw.

jasper-isis – In Watercolors
Anime: True Tears
Music: Vienna Teng – “Recessional”

I almost think it’s a rite of passage for any self-described romance editor to use a Vienna Teng song in one of their videos — in my head at least, Vienna Teng is synonymous with the AMV subculture, one of those artists who gained a large following among AMV editors both in terms of having a fair amount of videos made to her music, as well as just making fans of her work through That One Video that started it all. But these days, it isn’t Waking Hour that I return to, time after time; it’s In Watercolors. There’s just nothing quite like a video that does what jasper-isis’ example does here: finding the soul of a song in a serendipitous kind of union. Finding something that requires almost no real thought, but every kind of heart. In Watercolors doesn’t need much more explanation, and truthfully including it a Flying Low entry is maybe a little suspect — with over 6,000 views on the .org, it was certainly known in its day. But it’s an example of a video that people utterly forgot about as the years went on, a fate it certainly didn’t deserve. It’s among my favorite romance videos, a perfect example of the kind of intense emotional release that can rarely be achieved in four minutes through any other medium.

JazzsVids – Love Checklist
Anime: Say “I Love You”
Music: The Script – “Long Gone And Moved On”

Say “I Love You” still remains one of the better shoujo anime I’ve seen, although sadly there haven’t been too many AMVs that do it justice. Love Checklist is probably the best out there; in many ways, it is the opposite of a video like In Watercolors above. With more reliance on effects and engineered scenes, it’s not as true to its source as simpler, more down-to-earth videos can be. However, this doesn’t make it any less effective, and part of the beauty of this video is its cleverness in its presentation. The effects work is purposeful and well-integrated, the overall concept presented consistently, and while some may cringe at the ultimate use of the anime’s title as the video’s “punchline” (so to speak), I find the meta-ness of it adorably cunning and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It all adds up to a surprising little video, for all the best, most smile-inducing reasons.

MinetChan – Crazy Little Thing
Anime: Various
Music: “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

Inspiration can come in all forms, at any time, but it’s no secret that most of the time, peoples’ most productive periods happen when the are going through difficulties. For whatever reason, creativity thrives in the valleys of one’s life, rather than the peaks. Crazy Little Thing is an exception to this rule; MinetChan created this video at “the beginning of true love”, for her boyfriend at the time (and hopefully still!). The result is something that probably couldn’t have been edited at any other moment: a joyous, adorable video full of life and optimism and everything good. There’s not a shred of angst to be found in this video, and MinetChan’s happiness shines through brighter than anything else. As I’ve said before, the best videos are the ones where you get to see a little bit of the editor in their work. Such is Crazy Little Thing.

Not only is the video exceptionally, almost (but not quite) sickeningly happy, the editing is outstanding. The video contains some of the flat-out best internal sync I’ve seen, maybe ever, and its use of primarily older anime gives the video a certain nostalgic value that helps capture a feeling that it wouldn’t have otherwise. And yet it still retains a lot of newer editing techniques — the text effects and a masked transition here and there keep the video squarely a product of the 2010s, but not in a kitschy or undesirable way. It’s one of the only videos I’ve seen merge these two somewhat disparate eras into something that works, and works beautifully.

This is the video that best describes the joy of being in love with someone who loves you back. Plenty of other videos out there describe the uncertainty and eventual joy of a budding romance, and plenty more highlight the heartbreak. But few really accurately portray the uncensored, seemingly bottomless well of joy that defines what it’s like to be with the person you love, when they reciprocate that love back to you. I’ve been experiencing that for the past three years, and tomorrow I get to set it in stone for eternity. I can’t think of a better video to exemplify how I feel :)


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4 Responses to flying low #8: romance

  1. steelbound says:


    I recently discovered this blog due to a link to your top amv’s of 2015 posts. I’ve liked amvs for over 10 years now but when youtube became the place for them my attention towards them waned since there was no easy way to separate the wheat from the chaff. I should have thought to look for a blog that covers amvs.

    Since I’m kinda rambling, I also really like your Get Better AMV. It’s left me with almost a tangible hunger to re-re-re?-rewatch Tatami Galaxy.


    • crakthesky says:

      Great! I’m happy to be of service (and if you’re looking for other AMV-centric blogs, I might suggest seasons’ blog Cutfilm Tovent, as it was the one that inspired mine: Hopefully now that I’m married and done with a lot of the stuff that’s been taking up my time, I’ll be able to get back to blogging more regularly…we’ll see.

      Also, thanks for the comment on Get Better. If that’s how you feel then it did its job :)


  2. Iren Stepanyan says:

    Hey there~ I also found you blog recently. It’s really informative and well-organized. Glad that someone is doing such a great job in “AMV-reveiw and -critique” field. Keep goin’ :D

    P.s. My belated congratulations ^^


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