flying low #5: so beautiful

After halfway ripping apart Macross in my previous entry, I feel it’s only fair for me to show a video that reflects the series in a positive light. That video would be So Beautiful by vortexvideo, and it took me quite by surprise.

Having not watched this video until after I’d already watched through SDF Macross, my opinion of the video may be tainted; it is heavy on sentiment, and it aims its guns squarely at fans of the series. I don’t know how this video will look and feel to someone not familiar with the series. It may not work quite as well as I think it does, and if you watch this video and walk away unimpressed, forgive me for wasting your time. That said, I do think this is a pretty fantastic slice of simple romance, and hopefully it’s well-conveyed in spite of one’s familiarity (or lack thereof) with the source.

As I said, this video surprised me; it pays homage to the one side of the love triangle in SDF Macross that I just didn’t really care for, and yet I walked away feeling deeply for Lynn Minmay’s character, despite not liking her all that much throughout the series. Maybe it plays more to my nostalgic tendencies (this video is just steeped in old-school charm, from the very first scene) than to any attachment to the characters, but all I know is that I feel things when I watch this video. Sad, wistful things. It does what it does well.

If you’re ever looking for a moving romance video that slathers on the melodrama nice and thick, look no further than So Beautiful. It’s a video that speaks for itself in its bare-bones approach, and stabs right at the heart of the viewer (or, this one anyway). Watch and enjoy.


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