flying low #1: the spiral the girls up wake

I’m going to start trying to do a weekly update where I post an AMV that I think everyone should see that everyone has probably…not…seen. Hmm, in future posts I’ll try and do words better, but that can stay for now.
Anyway! The idea is to share those “under-the-radar” videos that slipped past most people and hopefully get these videos even a little more exposure than they have now. Given that my audience at the time of this writing is basically zero, this will most likely have no net effect on said videos or the editors who make them, but at least I can say I tried. This will be in the same vein as my Video Recommendations blog from years ago, but hopefully a little more…consistent.
Let’s get this started! I’m going to just start with a video I posted in a similar thread on the .org yesterday: Megamom’s The spiral that girls up wake, a horribly-titled video that is as unique and emotive as it is unknown.

If you’ve seen The Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below, you probably know the pain of watching one of the most beautifully animated works of all time being systematically undermined by Makoto Shinkai’s insatiable need to live up to his wunderkind status as Japan’s next Hayao Miyazaki. It’s a jaw-droppingly gorgeous work, there is no getting around that, but man, the derivative Ghibli pus just oozes through every pore. Even that would have been okay if the story had been, y’know, good, but alas.
In any case, it’s a source that makes great fodder for AMVs, as Shinkai’s works always have, and this is one of the best Shinkai videos I’ve ever seen. Megamom’s always been a creative editor, seeing things differently and editing them as such, and this one continues his artsy-but-focused trend of taking an idea and making it completely his own while sacrificing nothing in the process. It’s a creative look at a time loop, a story completely absent from its source material and yet improving on it in every way. I prefer Megamom’s version of events compared to Miyaza– I mean Shinkai’s.
Megamom shows through this video that his status as one of my all-time favorite editors is well-earned, someone who consistently puts out creative, groundbreaking work that has, in recent years, gone ignored. Give this video a chance, it’s probably unlike everything you’ve ever seen.

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