oh, hello, world.

I suppose I should write a more substantial introduction than my first post, as that one really doesn’t explain anything about me or what this blog is for. My online handle is CrackTheSky. This is not my first foray into blogging. I had a LiveJournal once, long ago, and I used to blog frequently on MySpace when that was a thing, but those both fizzled with time. I suppose this one might too, but we shall see. For now, I’m quite excited about this.
You see, this will probably not attract a very large audience. I doubt that too many people will care to hear one guy’s opinions on a specific nerd subculture, and in the sea of endless noise that is the Internet it will be next to impossible for those few who are interested to find this blog by anything other than the most random and un-intuitive means. I don’t plan on advertising this blog outside my usual social circles, which is constrained to one or two avenues. So if you’ve somehow found this blog and you don’t know who I am, that’s pretty awesome. I hope you find something here worth reading and thinking about.
But a small, or even non-existent audience is fine with me. In today’s society, everyone is trying to be louder than the person next to them. I’d rather sit quietly and whisper my opinions to the few who care enough to stop what they’re doing and thoughtfully respond. And if I’m honest, I just like to hear myself talk. It’s a flaw, no doubt, but it’s better to exploit this particular characteristic through quiet blogging than by talking people’s ears off in person when they don’t care.
Ultimately, that’s why I came here. But there’s going to be a focus. See, I love anime music videos (AMVs). There are plenty of reasons for that, but that’s for another post. We’re at a point in the hobby’s history where the subculture as I’ve always known it is fracturing. Indeed, it started years ago with the rise of YouTube and it shows no signs of slowing down. The core nucleus of editors that I developed alongside has shrunk considerably in the eight years that I’ve been involved in the hobby. And while it may be true that there are just as many editors around the world making AMVs as there ever have been, the community aspect of the hobby is all but dead. There’s no focal point anymore. Until recently, the center of the AMV universe was AnimeMusicVideos.org, now it’s…nowhere.
Analyzing this any further would require its own post. In fact, it would require it’s own blog, which…oh, hello, world. It seems we’ve come full circle, at least for now, and yes, that’s what this blog is about. It’s about analyzing, ranting, and vocally observing the death throes of the AMV community that I’ve known for eight years now, and hopefully being there to commentate on its rebirth. Because as pessimistic as I am about the .org and its sustainability, I am encouraged because there are others out there who are observing this with the same feelings of sadness and resentment that I have, and more than that, want to put in time to change it.
I want to take a moment to state right here that I am not just sitting idly by, watching my world burn. It’s a small thing, but I am currently working on something called the AMV Genome Project. For full details read the thread, but through doing this I hope to provide a database that others can work with to document the history of AMVs, and perhaps the more technically-minded can use to build a new, better website that will re-focus AMV editors to a single, dedicated and sustainable community. I don’t know how feasible that is right now. But it’s something.
There is another project I’m involved in as well, but as that’s still in the planning stages I will refrain from saying any more. Hopefully as that develops, I’ll be able to give some details as time goes on.
So, the majority of this blog will be very AMV-centric. It will probably tend to focus on individual videos and their place in the vast landscape of AMVs, as well as on the direction that AMVs are headed as an art-form. I’ll be talking about that a lot, I’m sure.
A lot.
But I’ll also be using this as a journal for the AMV Genome Project. It’s going to come into focus slowly, but as it does I plan on making observations about data as its being collected. This is fascinating stuff to me; many of you might find it about as interesting as…something…that’s not very interesting? I dunno, fill in the blank, I’m not feeling particularly prone to analogies today.
Besides AMV-related things, I will probably delve into the realm of music, anime, and other geeky things from time to time, just to offer my opinions because, darn it, I like doing that. I’ll probably stay away from stuff in my personal life because the few people who read this will probably know me in real life. Besides, I heard that Facebook is the place for passive-aggressively airing dirty laundry now.
I can’t say for sure how frequently I will update this. It will probably heavily depend on how busy I am at work at any given time, as part of the motivation for making this blog was to kill time there. I don’t want to set any expectations so I guess if this piques your interest, just check back every now and then. Y’know, if you want.
Alright! Ready set go.

About crakthesky

Early 30s and vocal about my subculture.
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