iria zeiram: the animation


Continuing with my somewhat impromptu dive into lesser-known anime from the ’90s, I decided to check out this OVA, an anime that, as far as I can tell, has more or less been forgotten since the turn of the decade, if not the millennium, with one exception: had it not been for Copycat_Revolver’s brilliant AMV from last year, one 2006 A.D., I probably never would have even heard about this anime, much less watched it. More learned anime fans may disagree with me — perhaps this isn’t as unknown as I seem to think — but its popularity ranking on MAL tells a different story.
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flying low 18: oneness

There’s a disappointing trend in AMVs nowadays to say a little with a lot — this seems to be the whole point of Instagram AMVs, a subset of the medium which features short (<1 minute) edits overloaded with effects and beat sync, but with next to no actual substance. I’ve been meaning for a while to give my unfiltered thoughts on these videos in a long and probably meandering blog post all their own, but for now it’s enough for you to know that I really, really hate them, and I despise the mentality behind them.
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filling in the gaps #5

Filling In The Gaps is an ongoing series of blog posts I’m working on, where I’m listening through all the music from CDs I’ve purchased over the years that, up until this point, I’d never actually listened to. If this is the first entry in this series that you’ve come across, please click here to catch up on the past entries. Enjoy!

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silent mobius


The reasons that I have decided to watch specific anime series, OVAs, and movies in the past are many and various, but the one the drove me to Silent Mobius is perhaps the most unique. See, I went to Nan Desu Kan this year, as I do every year; for those who don’t know, NDK is an anime convention in Denver, CO, and is one of the things I look forward to each year more than almost anything else. While at the con, I love checking out the dealer’s room, and there’s a stand there each year that sells the coolest posters — they’re mostly of anime from the ’80s and ’90s, and generally have really sweet art. As a fan of old-school stuff, I always take time to root through their poster selection to see if anything catches my eye.
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one punch man

one_punch_man_fan_art_by_molcray-d9inz2iArt by molcray

Ok — so let’s just get the obvious, meta-question out of the way immediately. Does the Internet really need another random blogger sharing his thoughts on One Punch Man? I say this as someone who admittedly hasn’t read any other reviews, but I imagine the volume is probably rather large; after all, OPM is certainly one of the most popular and best-loved series released in the past few years. So is this post strictly necessary? Well, probably not — and most people who will read this, I would assume, have already seen OPM and formed their opinion on it. But, I haven’t written an anime review in — holy crap I’m just looking at this now — almost two years and that’s way too fricking long.
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