leberate – fail parts

There’s a chasm of depth to the AMV community; for all that it admittedly relies on preexisting media in the form of anime and music to exist in the first place, editors over the years have found astounding ways to create works that are artistically profound and emotionally challenging. For all that editors used to argue back and forth about whether or not AMVs are “art”, I’ve always been of the opinion that the fact that such disagreements took place at all (and often with emotions running high through the discussions) just solidified that, yes, they are. I don’t care much about people’s opinions on that topic these days, and most people outside of remix culture would probably look down on AMVs as cheap and shallow attempts at creative expression. Whatever. All I know is that I wouldn’t have stayed in this community for as long as I have if I felt that it didn’t offer me some sort of depth of experience that I couldn’t get somewhere else; year after year, I’ve found more and more within the AMV community that pushes me to think critically about the scene and readjust my expectations and presuppositions about it; if you’re new to AMVs, welcome! You’ll find that the hobby has a wealth of nooks and crannies to explore, and miles of depth to lose yourself in, if you know where to look.

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filling in the gaps #8

Filling In The Gaps is an ongoing series of blog posts I’m working on, where I’m listening through all the music from CDs I’ve purchased over the years that, up until this point, I’d never actually listened to. If this is the first entry in this series that you’ve come across, please click here to catch up on the past entries. Enjoy!

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kimikiss pure rouge

Mid-2000s slice of life is probably not a style of anime most people nowadays turn to for their fix, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this is the first time you’re hearing of this anime, or at least the first time in several years that it’s blipped across your internal anime radar. From all I can tell, Kimikiss Pure Rouge is not an anime that made any sort of impression in the history books, besides being another generic romance anime in a time when generic romance anime were becoming more and more popular each passing year. Naturally (if you know anything about my tastes), such a series would grab my interest, so at some point in the past I stumbled across this on MAL and put it on my Plan To Watch list until I found myself craving this very specific aesthetic. Quarantine pushed me into it for reasons I won’t speculate on.

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flying low #22: interstellar cataclysm weighs heavy on my mind

This video dates back to among my earliest days on the .org; I encountered it less than a month into my initial registration on the site in 2006, in an opinion exchange thread I started. It’s a video I probably never would have stumbled across otherwise, but it has stuck with me through all the intervening years as one of the most unique and un-imitatable AMVs I think I’ve ever seen. The video’s editor, opalarmor, states in the video profile that this is loosely about “daily life being interrupted by a disaster from space”. And sure, ok, I guess I see it, but I don’t think the concept is really all that important to this video — neither the song nor any of the anime chosen really suggest that a cohesive story or even theme is really necessary to getting all sorts of enjoyment out of this thing, and in the 13+ years I’ve been returning to this video time and again, it’s never been the element of the video that glues me to my screen from its opening seconds.

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genome project journal #6: amv tracker v1.3.0

Hey all — this is just a short post to let you all know that I just released AMV Tracker v1.3.0, which is likely the last major update I’ll be making to the program. I added a ton of new things, including a beefed-up statistics module and a new tool called AMV Notepad, which allows you to make notes on and track the progress of ideas you might have for creating your own AMVs. It’s been a long road — I’ve essentially been working on this on and off for about three and a half years — but I think the end product has been worth it all and I hope other people get as much use out of it as I have over the years. For more information on AMV Tracker, check out the below links:

AMV Tracker website
Download AMV Tracker v1.3.0
Walkthrough of AMV Tracker’s features


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